I really like the Monopoly Deal card game, and I think it’s more enjoyable than the original board game in fact. That’s why ryancoulsonca and I decided to create a fun variation of the game, not just digitiszing the card game but making it about world conquest instead of just collecting properties.

We designed and developeed the game using object-oriented programming in python, using the graphics.py library for the GUI. We closely followed the Software Developement Life Cycle for this program’s creation and testing.

The rules of the game are very similar to the original. One difference is that in this version, you choose a country to represent and collect cities instead of properties. All of the action cards are based off of the ones in the original game, with the names changed to fit the world domination theme. The objective of the game is to get either 3 full sets of property cards like the original game, or to be the first one to reach 50 million dollars in your bank (this secondary goal was not in the original game and was added by us because it allows more strategy in the game).

A screenshot of the game is included below and the code is available on my github.

How the gameplay looks like